Maestro Eric Dale Knapp on The Poet’s Quill Concert—and His 10th Anniversary with CCS

We are pleased to be celebrating Maestro Eric Dale Knapp’s 10th anniversary as artistic director and conductor of the Connecticut Choral Society.   Here’s what he has to say about this occasion and how this concert came to be.

  • The Poet’s Quill, a marriage of inspiring poetry and beautiful music, came out of a conversation I had with CCS Board member Bob Hughes, over a year ago. We wanted to create a special program, as a finale to this special “season of celebration”.
  • The poetry led the way to the music for the selection of a repertoire that provides the journey to Aaron Copland’s The Promise of Living as the philosophical and tic thrust of this concert.
  • The Promise of Living is a metaphor for our lives that … by working together, we’ll bring in the blessings of harvest … the mission and vision of the Connecticut Choral Society empowers each of us to serve as ambassadors of a treasury of great music by offering meaningful programs to the community as a blessing to all.
  • I have so long enjoyed my time with CCS. There have been many highlights over this last decade—notably our performance several years back of Ralph Vaughn-Williams Sea Symphony with full orchestra, a seldom-heard work.  It was a magnificent concert.
  • There is so much to celebrate in this 10th year.  Many good times and great music along the way to be remembered for sure—most especially the lovely people who have given a lot over the years to CCS, to the music and to me. I am grateful for the all the joy and fulfillment we have known and created together, in making music that makes a difference in people’s lives.

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