Chamber Singers

The mission of the Chamber Singers of the Connecticut Choral Society is to bring high-quality a cappella choral music into the lives of people who otherwise might not have the means or mobility to attend one of the larger CCS group’s concerts.  As such, CSCCS is an “ambassador group”, offering a wide variety of great music—from ancient madrigals to spirituals and folk songs to pop hits from the great American Songbook—in venues like libraries, town festivals, benefit events, assisted living facilities and senior centers throughout the region.

The Chamber Singers, a subset of the 75 auditioned voices of CCS, was formed in 1988. One early highlight was a 1990 appearance on the network TV show, Good Morning America. The group enjoys a great reputation for their joy-filled and entertaining performances.

We love to sing—let us sing for you!!

We are currently scheduling our fall and holiday concert season. If you’d like to arrange a concert, please contact:

Ron Dukenski ( or call him at  (860) 921.3075

What do you get when you combine an energetic and gregarious personality with managerial and musical talents?  You get the dynamic director of the Chamber Singers of the Connecticut Choral Society, Ron Dukenski.  Ron, who is now retired from his 45-year career as a world-traveling management consultant, says that he’s “never been far away for very long from [his] love of choral and church music and opportunities to make joyful noises with people who love to sing—in worship and in fun.”  While in high school and college, Ron studied liturgical organ, and since then, has held numerous positions as either organist or organist/choirmaster for several denominations within Connecticut.  Ron also enjoys composing music and is currently a composer-in-residence for the Connecticut Choral Society.  Acting is yet another artistic endeavor for which Ron is well suited, and he has performed locally with the Goshen Players, Theater Works of New Milford, and the Theater Guild of Heritage Village, Southbury, where he now resides.  With reference to his new role as Director of the Chamber Singers of the Connecticut Choral Society, Ron states, “I am thrilled to have the chance to work with a terrific group of choristers who know how to reach out and bring fine choral music into the lives of those who may not have the mobility or means to attend the Connecticut Choral Society’s major concerts, and with people who know how to have fun, for sure!”